My Signature Cake Flavors....

 have been concocted to

ensure an enchanting culinary experience! 

The Red Velvet Sensation
Classic Red Velvet cake with cheesecake filling and caramel buttercream
Pretty Woman
Delicate champagne cake with fresh strawberry filling and white chocolate buttercream
Bailey's Cupcake
Bailey's flavored cake with mocha pastry cream filling, topped with vanilla buttercream and bailey's caramel sauce
Sunday Morning Cupcake
Dark chocolate cake with chopped bacon baked in, with an espresso mousse filling topped with a maple buttercream
Watermelon Margarita Cupcakes
Margarita flavored cake filled with a fresh watermelon jam, topped with vanilla buttercream enhanced with a splash of tequila.
Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch
Vanilla sour cream cake swirled with cinnamon brown sugar streusel and topped with brown sugar buttercream
Pineapple Upside Down Cake final
Vanilla butter cake infused with pineapple juice and fresh pineapple, topped with vanilla buttercream, maraschino cherries and a sprinkle of pecan streusel
Chocolate Malt Milkshake
Chocolate malt cake with a velvety chocolate and vanilla buttercream topped with a chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and malted milk balls.
Black Lavender
Toasted almonds and lavender cake with blackberry filling and vanilla buttercream
Italian Cream
Delicate vanilla cake mingled with pecans and coconut topped with a brown butter buttercream
Brown Buttered Orange
Brown butter cake with blood orange curd filling, topped with vanilla buttercream and blood orange sauce
Whipped Mocha
Kahula cake with a velvety mocha buttercream topped with chocolate covered espresso beans
Chocolate Amaretto Delight
Devil's Food Cake baked with Amaretto, a fresh cherry filling and fluffy chocolate buttercream
Raspberry Limoncello
Italian Limoncello flavored cake with tangy lemon curd and raspberry filling, topped with a delicious vanilla buttercream.
Cool Avocado Citrus
Fresh avocado baked into this cake, teased with a lemon rosemary glaze and topped with a vanilla buttercream.
Its too unique to pass up!
Sophisticated Buckeye
Sinful dark chocolate cake with an almond butter buttercream frosting and dipped in a luscious chocolate ganache
Brown Sugar Baby
Brown sugar pound cake with fresh apple filling, topped with a brown sugar buttercream, pecan streusel and a drizzle of bourbon butterscotch
Mini Cupcakes!
Salty Caramel Apple
Apple cider cake with a fresh apple filling and salty caramel buttercream
Pina Colada
Made with real coconut milk, fresh pineapple filling, enhanced with a rum glaze and topped with a pineapple rum flavored buttercream
The White Rabbit
Lightly sauteed parsnips with golden raisins, roasted macadamia nuts and spices with a wildflower honey buttercream

*parsnips are closely related to carrots
Key Lime
An amazing cake with a key lime curd filling, graham cracker crust topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and garnished with candied lime zest.
Peak inside the Key Lime Cupcake
Southern Sweet Potato
Roasted sweet potatoes mixed with spices an amazing bourbon butterscotch pastry cream filling and frosted with a tantalizing brown sugar buttercream! OMG
Kahlua Goddess
Kahlua flavored cake with a black chocolate pastry cream and topped with a black raspberry buttercream
Peach Bellini
Bellini flavored cake with peach filling and vanilla buttercream
Exotic Spiced Chai
Black coconut Chai spiced cake with bavarian cream filling and topped with pistachio buttercream
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